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Sales and Clients

With the Sales and Clients module in + Pyme, you will have the relationship of all your clients, with the ease of exporting it in excel.

+ Pyme gives you an option to create your invoices.

This module allows you to create a list of your various income.

Promotion (CRM)

With the Promotion module (CRM), you will keep track of your quotes, first visualize your prospects and then be clients.

Promotion (CRM) has an agenda for your activities.

Have the facility to send emails from the + Pyme platform.

Purchases and Expenses

Purchases and Expenses helps you to have control of the income and expenditure of your money.

Managing a reports section where you will view all your detailed information.

You will be able to have a list of your suppliers and materials, and register your unsubscribed materials and products.

Accounting and Treasury

One of the important modules within the + Pyme platform is Accounting and Treasury.

In it you will have the record of your accounts, such as your banks, creditors, debtors, investments.

And for a better control Accounting and Treasury has a session of Consultation of Movements such as your transfers and account statements.


In the Payroll module you will be able to keep track of your staff, regarding their payments, under the tax regime you will have the possibility of registering the types of payments that will be made. You will have the record of your payroll which involves payments and assistance.

Check your reports on the status of your payroll.

In the Labor Regime session, you will have the facility to create your payroll series and types of hiring.

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